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Advanced Fungal Nail Repair Pen

Advanced Fungal Nail Repair Pen

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Kill fungus and eliminate all types of fungal infection in as fast as 7 days!


Get rid of these embarrassing and contagious fungal nails. This eliminator helps return your nails to healthy, strong, and beautiful! 


This herbal remedy has been refined with this easy-to-use applicator pen, regaining elasticity, and natural shine of brittle and fragile nails!



  • Fast And Effective Treatment: Kills fungus and eliminates fungal infections, rashes, redness, and irritation. Accelerates the growth of new nails and nourishes nail beds.

  • Restores And Protects: Film-forming technology repairs and protects your nails. It inhibits skin fungus and inflammation.

  • Eliminates Bad Odor: Removes odor caused by the fungal build-up of the affected nails.

  • Safe And Gentle Herbal Ingredients: natural biological ingredients can make fragile nails become strong and accelerate the healthy growth of nails

  • Easy to Use Applicator: Unique Nail Penetrating Formula


Step 1) Clean the feet with warm water and allow them to dry naturally.
Step 2) Shake the bottle and brush an even coat onto the affected area
Step 3) Allow the herbal remedy to act on your nails for 10 minutes before touching.
Step 4) Reapply twice per day, once before bed, for maximum results.


  • Content: 15g
  • Main Ingredients: Glycerin, Wheat Protein, Angelica Extract
  • External use only


1 x Advanced Fungal Nail Repair Pen

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