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HeightenUP Tiger Stone Anklet

HeightenUP Tiger Stone Anklet

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Increase your height with this Tiger Stone Anklet!

This anklet is made up of various natural stone that is proven to release magnetic signal increasing growth hormones in your body.

Effectively Increases Your Height
Simply wear this and see the difference! No need to take height supplements that have an adverse effect on your body.

Healthier Hormonal Function
Increases Growth Hormone production in the pituitary gland by sending a healthy magnetic signal

Made from Various Natural Stone
Designed with 100% pure TIger's Eye, Black Obsidian, and Hematite Stones that are proven to have a healthy effect on the human body.

Healthy Magnetic Therapy
Releases a healthy natural magnetic field that has a positive effect on the human body system.

Faster & Healthy Metabolism
Promotes faster metabolism solving that bloated stomach without the need for excessive workout sessions.

Support Body Growth
This anklet helps with your natural growth by supporting both the skeletal and muscular systems



Material: Tiger's Eye, Black Obsidian Hematite
Size: 8mm-1pc
Weight: 33g
Style: Unisex
Product Includes: 1 x HeightenUP Tiger Stone Anklet

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