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Glue Free Toenail Patch

Glue Free Toenail Patch

  • Cruelty Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteen
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✅Realigns Toenail Growth😍
✅Relieves Pain in Natural Way🌱
✅Suitable for All Toe Sizes🤩

Made for everyone, this Ingrown Toenail Straightening Patch corrects toenail growth and realigns its direction without any surgery or operation!

This patch is made from the top-quality materials designed for proper and correct nail growth as well as relieves pain until they are all well for healing. This can be used either in homes or professional shops suitable for any nail angle.


  • CORRECTS NAIL GROWTH – This patch magically realigns toenail growth upon application, correcting excessive and unnecessary nail curving. Aside from this, not only It corrects the growth, but make sure it does not happen again!

  • RELIEVES PAIN – As our toenails grow and go in a different and wrong direction, it emits pain. Worry less because this patch relieves pain and keep your toenails gentle as they heal.

  • SUITABLE FOR ANY FOOT – This straightening patch adopts to any angle of the nail and corrects its growth. So, this is commendable for everyone!

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – Only the finest materials in the market are chosen to build this.


  • Patch Size: 13 x 18mm (10 Patches in 1pc)
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