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Lymph Nodes Herbal Detox Patch

Lymph Nodes Herbal Detox Patch

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“Great detox, takes away inflammation. I am very pleased with my results losing swelling under the arms, neck, and back areas of my body. I even lost weight around my belly. I’ve ordered this twice and it has not failed me yet.”

Jessica C,
Los Angeles, California


“I couldn’t be any happier when this product cured the lump on my armpits with consistent application, I really am glad that this exists!  The lump worries me so much aside from the fact that it is a bit painful and I felt discomfort from it. But now the lump is and pain is gone and I don’t worry about it anymore."

Bristol, England

2 Key Ingredients of Lymphatic Detoxification:

Caulis Spatholobi, Notoginseng

Caulis Spatholobi 
Clinically, it is mainly known to have the anti-tumour, anti-viral, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, sedative and hypnotic efficacies. The flavonoid it contains has a direct antitumor effect on human cells. Spatholobus stem activates and enriches blood, regulates fluid flow, activates collaterals and releases stricken tendons.
This herbal medicine alleviates pain primarily by reducing inflammation, increasing blood circulation, clearing blood clots, and reducing swelling. It is very effective in eliminating build up that causes lymphatic problems in body parts.


Before using the Lymphatic Detox Patch, that is how my arm looks like. I really felt uncomfortable especially when wearing sleeveless and crop tops. The underside of my upper arms are sagging and appearing loose and full due to excess fat and skin.

DAY 15

After two weeks of usage, I started to feel changes. It is very satisfying and relieving. I can feel my skin in the arm starting to lift a bit. I am very excited with the result so I decided to take a photo for progress purposes. I am very hopeful with the outcome and excited to share it to other people.

DAY 30

I am very impressed with the result. Its massaging effect tightens and smooths the underlying tissue and fat. I will continue my journey with this pen until I achieve the perfect arm shape I want.

DAY 60

Finally! I have achieved the arm shape that I have been longing for. This detox patch helps redefine the shape of my arm. It reduces the sagging and makes it firmer as before. Now my biggest insecurity is gone. I can now wear sleeveless shirts and tubes. This is really a life changer.



  • Armpit Fat Removal
  • Ultimate Lymph Drainage
  • Stimulate metabolism and immunity
  • Decrease swelling nodes and inflammation, detox circulation system
  • Safe & Effective
  • Crescent Shape Design,  perfectly fitted onto the underarm areas
  • Sculpt Your Body


  1. Clean and apply the patch onto the desired area for 24 hours.
  2. Replace a new patch on a daily basis.


  • Ingredients: Caulis Spatholobi, Sea Breeze Vine, Notoginseng, Cuscuta


    • 1 Pack - Lymph Nodes Herbal Detox Patch x 8 patches




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