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Men's Anti Age Wrinkle Cream

Men's Anti Age Wrinkle Cream

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1,000 years ago scientists announced the discovery of a new species of deep-water algae from Japan and Korea. It’s called the Marine algae, or limu.

Marine Algae are probably some of the greatest survival experts on this planet. Over millennia, they have evolved and adapted themselves perfectly to extreme natural habitats. Unlike plants on land, algae do not have roots. Instead, they absorb all essential minerals and trace elements directly from the seawater into their cells.


After years of researching, little by little Marine Algae are making their way into our diet and have already become a common ingredient in our kitchens due to their health-benefiting properties. Until the scientists discovered that Marine Algae is not only good for our gut but also good for our skin. It contains a wide range of different active substances, many of which can be used as highly effective ingredients in cosmetics.


After this discovery, a dermatologist from Hawaii then developed a cream that extracted from beneficial active substances from Marine algae and developed it into a jar, the Men's Anti Age Wrinkle Cream.

The Men's Anti Age Wrinkle Cream is powered by Marine Algae, which hydrates, revitalizes, and tones the skin and can also help to reduce or fully eliminate problems with acne, cellulite, and even wrinkles.

Activated by elasticity-boosting para cress and firming Marine Algae, this clinically shown formula delivers results immediately after application. It boosts your skin's natural collagen levels to blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Calms and reduces the appearance of redness, irritation and helps prevent and correct the damaging effects of stress on the skin.


Marine Algae has been clinically proven to: 

  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Keep your skin hydrated.
  • Protect against sun damage.
  • Strengthen the elastin tissues in our skin.
  • Keep skin smooth and soft.
  • Soothe itchiness and stinging are associated with dryness, acne-prone skin, or eczema.

A university research data tested 200 men, age 25-55, shows that it works extremely well, especially to older men, age 35-55. 100% showed clinical improvement in the appearance of eye-area fine lines and wrinkles. Results of what is thought to be the first reliable clinical trial of any anti-wrinkle cream available suggest that it really does help to reduce wrinkles.


The trial, which compared Men's Anti Age Wrinkle Cream with a drugstore “moisturizer” was welcomed by scientists who said it "raised the bar" on the kinds of tests cosmetic companies should do before making claims for their products.


Steven Peters, 45, Texas First-hand experience


Week 1

I have mixed feelings about turning 45 because of course, I wanna stay young forever. If that’s possible! Lol. I am usually quite skeptical regarding products that claim they can do this or that. Tried this cream for a week now, and I can honestly say that my skin felt better than ever. I’m still not sure yet about the anti-aging benefits of this product though. But we’ll see in the coming weeks of using this consistently. It doesn’t leave my face greasy at all, and it is incredibly quick to absorb. It’s lightweight, moisturizing, and absorbs quickly and I feel like the product itself and the container it’s in are high quality.

Week 2

After using this for 2 weeks, I can definitely feel the anti-aging effects of this cream! So amazing. I’ve been working all night the past week and I've just been using this out of habit. For the first time in a long time I’ve actually seen my bags get tighter and smaller and my dark circles lighten. And despite having a hectic sleeping schedule, and staying in the sun for too long, my wrinkles are almost zero! That’s really awesome. There is something very deceptive about the way this cream feels when applied and the way it absorbs leaving the skin smooth and lines seeming to diminish. I’m really loving this!

Week 4

I am a huge convert to this brand. Really glad I gave this a try. After 4 weeks of using it, I am definitely buying this again when it runs out. My wife told me that I look younger and my skin looks really good! After using other brands on and off for years, I finally have a Go-to! This is the only one I have found that keeps my face in good condition and hydrated for the entire day. No wrinkles, no eye bags, and just fresh and younger-looking skin! Not greasy at all and is a nice thick cream. Can never look back. I highly recommend this.


Users that agree the cream is a game changer!

I’ve never thought of taking care of my skin until I looked in the mirror one morning and saw deep furrow wrinkles running across my forehead. Where did they come from? They made me look so damn old!!! I tried Men's Anti Age Wrinkle Cream and the results were immediate. It tightened and evened my skin almost instantly. It greatly reduced those deep sun-weathered wrinkles I noticed on my forehead! Joey B, 45 New Jersey, USA

I've been using the cream for about a month, and have really liked it. Honestly, I had real doubts about whether any of this stuff really worked, and let's face it: nothing really holds back time. But I have to admit: I think it has helped reduce some of the lines on my forehead, and on the rest of my face it's left my skin feeling really healthy and smooth. Bryan Peters, 38, London UK

It really makes a noticeable difference. Used for a week and I’m satisfied! I recommend this. I like how smoothly the cream gets into your skin. Not a build-up or greasy feel afterward. The scent is vague, which I prefer. A little goes a long way. Steve 40, Sydney, AU


1pc / 2pcs x EELHOE™ Men's Anti Age Wrinkle Cream (30g)

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