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Natural Herbal Spray

Natural Herbal Spray

  • Cruelty Free
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This is an all-natural and NO HAND CONTACT spray that promotes near-immediate relief from damaged tissues; relieves burning, itching, swelling and external hemorrhoid discomfort.

This spray can also prevent hemorrhoids and fissures. Use it up to 7 days and you can get full treatment and protection.

Relieve Discomfort

Soothes, cleanses and cools inflamed areas for long-lasting comfort.

Everyday Cleansing

For the treatment of external hemorrhoids, fissures and other forms of anal discomfort.

Prevents hemorrhoids and fissures

All external microbial agents prevent contact with hemorrhoidal tissue, so that damaged tissue protected from infectivity can recover

Natural Formula

Made entirely from natural and botanical formulas such as houttuynia cordata, dandelion, honeysuckle and purslane.

Easy and Effective

Just spray and no need hand contact to get instant result.


1) Clean and dry the anal region.
2) Spray 2-3 times to the hemorrhoids. Avoid contamination with the genital area.
3) After spray, wait for 1-2 minutes in a seated position is recommended.
4) After waiting for 1-2 minutes you can wear your underpants.

Package includes

Hemorrhoids Spray (30mL)
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