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NatureCare Anti-Cough Chest Patch

NatureCare Anti-Cough Chest Patch

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Relieve Respiratory Discomfort Naturally With These Extremely Effective Patches!

This Anti-Cough Chest Patch is an all-natural remedy that can get rid of your cough overnight. It uses organic ingredients that are absorbed on the skin to relieve coughing and other respiratory difficulties. With mild dosage, it’s also suitable for young children and infants. Compared to cough syrup and swallowed pills, this chest patch has overall health benefits and is a far safer choice to recovery.


  • HEALTH BENEFITS - Remove mucus from your lungs, relaxes bronchial muscles, and detox lungs tissue. Prevent your body from getting illness easily in the future.
  • GINGER ESSENSE - Ginger can ease a dry or asthmatic cough, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It also relieves nausea and pain.
  • SAFE TO USE - It’s a safer and better choice to reduce and recover from illness for children, even adults. All you need is this patch on your chest and back plus a good night’s sleep.
  • EASY TO USE - No hard to swallow pills, no chugging drugs down the throat. Simply put the patch directly on the chest and back.


  • Main Ingredients: Sunburn ephedra, earthworm, cicadas, sage leaves, stone calamus, ginkgo, polygonum cuspidatum root, white peony root
  • Application: Overnight on the chest and back
  • Note: External use ONLY


  • 4 x Anti-Cough Chest Patches

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