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PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf

PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf

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Henry Craig shared his postive review using this PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf!


" This PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf is by best heating scarf I've tried. I've been sick and suffer from mild stroke last month and this scarf was recommend by my therapist friend. The heat of this scarf on my neck is so comfortable. After of everyday of wearing I noticed the great improvement on my body. I can fully move my body without pain. "

Keep you warm using PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf

What is Graphene?

Graphene is the greatest conductor of heat and electricity among all materials. The lightest and most durable nanomaterial now known to exist, Graphene possesses a resistance that is lower than that of copper or silver. With the use of graphene material, the pain will be relieve and blood circulation is enhanced.

Two-dimensional carbon substance made up of carbon atoms is present in graphene. Outstanding optical, electrical, and mechanical properties, high hardness, great flexibility, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and a quick heating time of just a few seconds are all present in this material.

Relief from Neck Pain

The PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf provides exceptional pain treatment for stiff neck muscles by employing wet heat therapy for deeper muscle penetration. There are no fussy cables, and simply tugging on the hand straps of your heated neck wrap, you may apply more pressure. By using a heated neck wrap to soothe your stiff neck muscles, you can recover more quickly and experience less discomfort.

Improve Blood Circulation

With intelligent temperature control technology for adjust temperature. Heat can penetrate to cervical vertebrae, nerves and tissues to improve blood circulation. Heating scarf can emit far-infrared rays and iron, deep promote neck blood circulation.

Do You Know How Our Lymphatic System Works?

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs in the body that aids in the removal of waste products, poisons, extra fats, and other undesired substances. It employs the lymph nodes, tiny organs distributed throughout the body, to assist in removing waste products, dissolved lipids, and toxins from the lymph fluid.


Lymph drainage is the process of clearing infectious material from lymph nodes to prevent swelling. Infrared heat from the PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf help reduce lymph node swelling and fix activate lymphatic system. By enabling the lymphatic system to drain fluids much more quickly and easily that may be carrying cellular byproducts and other pollutants, it can aid in the detoxification process of our bodies.

How PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf works?

PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf works by increasing circulation, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the affected area, helping it to heal faster. When heat is applied to areas of chronic pain it loosens muscles and provides an analgesic effect, which makes your brain perceive that your pain has decreased.

What Makes ThePopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf SPECIAL?

Instant Relaxation - after a  long day, offers a relaxing retreat

Non-invasive Pain Relief - By focusing on your natural acupressure points, this technique targets the neck to relieve stress, discomfort, and chronic fatigue.

Better Blood Circulation - infrared heat across your neck, stimulating the muscles to promote better blood flow and reduce swelling.

Boosts Lymphatic Detoxification - Combats the build-up of obstructions in your lymphatic system.

Overall Health Benefit - Improves posture, promotes sleep, and lessens tiredness.

Portable and Handy - This is compact and handy and can be carried anywhere to provide instant relief.


Powerbank Operated

PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf is powered by power bank. Because of the excellent portability, you can carry it for commuting, hiking, and travel. No Need to Worry about Forgetting to off . This hot therapy heated scarf comes with a 45-minute auto-off feature. It also has overheat protection to keep you 100% safe.

Here are some of our Happy Customers

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Samantha Johnson

"I've been using this consistently on my sore neck for about a month after trying it out. Both the discomfort and the swelling's size might be reduced thanks to it. I am quite happy with my heated scarf and plan to use it because it is so soothing after a long day at work. Additionally, I use it when at work."


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Christina Danner

"Being able to minimize the lymph node on my neck while still having a PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf is really useful. Because I can use the pads anywhere and they are easy to carry anywhere, I have no excuse for not using them every day. My lymph node never came back. Additionally, it helps my body detoxify, which helps me lose weight.


Size: 80cm x 11cm

Temperature: setting 45-60°C

Rated voltage: 5V

Battery: Freely matched different Power Bank

Colors: (Black Plaid, Pink, Rose Red, Dark Grey)

Package Includes

1 x PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf (with 1500 mAh power bank, can be used 1.5Hours)
1 x PopWarm Graphene Smart Heating Scarf (without power bank)
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