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StayClear Anti-Flush Hangover Amethyst Bracelet

StayClear Anti-Flush Hangover Amethyst Bracelet

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Never get a hangover and flushed face with this Amethyst Bracelet
Effectively alleviate symptoms of alcohol intoxication. Enjoy your drinking sessions without any worry!

No more Hangover and Flushing after alcohol intake
Prevents Hangover and Asian Flushing Syndrome (AFS) after ethanol consumption! Simply wear this bracelet and enjoy the night.

Improves Blood Circulation
Improves blood circulation by drawing iron on the blood. It also unclogs veins making it an effective pain relief tool.

Natural Magnetic Field
Releases natural magnetic signal that improves your body's system and overall health.

Natural Amethyst Stone
Made from the natural amethyst gemstone that promotes natural detoxification.

Better Metabolism & Digestion
Speeds up toxin removal and digestive process making metabolism faster and more efficient.

Solves Common Illness
Can effectively solve common illnesses like cold, insomnia, headache, fatigue, etc.


Color: as shown
Bead diameter: 6mm
Length: 19cm (about 30 pieces)
Weight: 10g-15g
Product Includes: 1 x StayClear Anti-Flush & Hangover Amethyst Bracelet

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