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Venous Disorder Home Treatment Set

Venous Disorder Home Treatment Set

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Shrink Embarassing Varicose And Spider Veins With The Blue Light Therapy!

Never experience having varicose veins ever again! Unclogged those leg veins painlessly with this amazing pen and cream that removes swollen veins with just a pulse of light!
Say hi to your flawless legs and gain that confidence back easily! This set promotes good blood circulation and prevents blue or dark purple veins from reappearing ever again!
No need for complicated and expensive surgeries! Flaunt those varicose veins free legs with this all-new varicose vein treatment set.


  • Effectively Remove Varicose Veins - Features highly-concentrated 415NM blue light and natural cream light opens up swollen veins and promotes good blood circulation unclogging veins eliminating visible purple veins.

  • Promote Blood Circulation Painlessly! - This set naturally targets clogged veins by using blue light technology promoting blood circulation and preventing varicose veins from reappearing.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients - Nitpick and 100% Natural Ingredients that promote the natural healing process of affected veins

  • Easy to Use - Simply apply the natural cream and used the blue light pen to help the cream to be effectively absorbed by the affected veins.

  • Quick Results - The entire application takes just about 30 minutes. Expect veins free legs within 2 weeks after application!





Bluelight Pen
Powered By: Battery

 100% Herbal Ingredients
Weight: 20 g


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